Thursday, April 16, 2020

How to Evaluate Samples of Essays

How to Evaluate Samples of EssaysEvaluating samples of essays can give you the insight you need in order to decide if your own writing has room for improvement. Once you know how you can alter a sample essay to make it more like yourself, you can begin thinking about how you can improve the essay you've written to match your own particular personality. Here are some examples of what to look for when you evaluate samples of essays:Does the essay use personal style or is it impersonal? Writing samples of essays that have a personal touch will allow you to relate a little more closely to the writer, allowing you to reach out and touch them. However, if you don't have this personal touch in your own writing, the essay could be lost to the impersonal style.What did the writer feel during the process of writing the essay? If the essay is autobiographical, what emotional highs and lows were felt while writing it? The more of an emotional connection the writer has with the reader, the more l ikely that individual will feel validated and will be eager to share their personal side.Did the writer to come up with general ideas for the essay? Often, a good writer comes up with ideas all by themselves. This doesn't mean they are a genius, but sometimes you'll get lucky and strike gold. Analyzing samples of essays will help you realize when an idea was well-thought out and when it was 'bloated'.Did the writer discuss a topic in a chronological order? An effective writer is one who understands that words do not really convey emotions. A good writer looks at words and interprets what's happening from the past through the present. If the writer presents an idea in chronological order, the message will not be received as effectively.How important was the subject? You'll find that not all topics are the same; there are some that will sell better than others. What will sell in one market will not necessarily sell in another, so be sure to evaluate samples of essays to determine the value of the subject.How did the writer address these general characteristics? Do they come across as arrogant, too confident, or even insecure? If the writer does not come across as confident or at ease, it will be difficult for the reader to connect with the writer, making him or her seem unapproachable.How did the writer organize his or her thoughts? Organizing thoughts are just as important as speaking them. If you are unsure about the organization of the writer's thoughts, you can still gauge his or her ability to write by looking at samples of essays, which should have some sort of organization going on.

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